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YogaRoots On Location scholarships are an honorable barter arrangement agreed upon between the scholarship applicant and YogaRoots On Location Founder and CEO, Felicia Lane Savage.
The cost of the training prevents me from attending. I am not able to afford the 10 monthly installment amount of $290.
If granted a scholarship, I will attend all trainings barring unusual circumstances such as sickness, death of a loved one, etc. However, I do understand that I must arrange with Felicia Lane Savage the specifics of how I will make up my time in order to receive the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour requirement.
Examples of bartership opportunities available: assisting with video and audio documentation of program, social media beyond our program requirements, program administration and coordination duties of YogaRoots On Location’s newsletter, magazine/book, volunteer at yoga teacher sites, and YogaRoots On Location’s continuing education requirements sessions.
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