Felicia's Yoga Philosophy:

I am a Yogini (female yogi), whose path has been nurtured by the Christian, Hindu and Buddhist philosophies as well as my African American heritage. My objectives in my yoga practice and my teaching philosophy are to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace.

Felicia's Yoga Practice

I have joyfully and earnestly studied yoga for over 24 years. I have taught yoga since 1995; my discipline has affected the way I think, eat, speak, work, play and even drive. My practice has been greatly influenced by my strong belief in reclaiming my ancient ancestors’ legacy of holistic good health. I implement this belief through Ashtanga yoga, which literally means “8 limbs”, which I personally describe as codes of conduct to assist in living my life. I acknowledge the 8 limbs as: ethical standards, spiritual observances, physical postures, breathing techniques, sensory withdrawal, concentration, meditation, true alignment (our will aligned with God’s will for our life).

I enjoy being able to use various tools and strategies I have learned to practice and teach from my own authentic self. For example, I play a variety of music in class anywhere from Gregorian chants to Classic Rock to Nature sounds to Rhythm and Blues to India.Arie to Smooth Urban Jazz and Classical. However, both Motown-era music and Classic Rock are near and dear to my heart so expect to hear any of these genres in class.


General Benefits of a Yoga Practice:

  •   Yoga is non-competitive.
  •   Yoga requires staying present.
  •   Yoga is practical, low cost preventative strategies.
  •   Yoga creates balance, integration, flexibility and quiet.
  •   Yoga expands and enriches awareness and the experience of our inner life.
  •   Yoga is not an intellectual process; it is experiential and social.


Specific Physical and Mental Benefits of a Yoga Practice:

  • Physical Fitness:
    • Kinesthetic awareness and control
    • trength and flexibilit
    • Balance and coordination
    • Cardiovascular and circulatory health
    • Relaxation and renewal
  • Mental Fitness: 
    • ocus and Concentration
    • Development of visual, auditory and kinesthetic intelligences
    •  Critical thinking and creativity
    •  Perseverance and confidence
    • Respect and tolerance
  • Emotional Fitness:
    • wareness and understanding of feelings
    • Appropriate processing and expression of feelings
    • Self-esteem and awareness of choices
    • Stability and self-control
    • Supportive self-care and stress management
  • Social Fitness:
    • Personal responsibility
    • Understanding of one’s impact and contributions
    • Respect for different perspectives for the greater community
    • Communication and conflict-resolution skills


YogaRoots On Location:

Felicia Lane Savage, MEd, 500 RYT, is the Founder and CEO of YogaRoots On Location, which has been in existence for over 19 years serving vulnerable communities by Engaging, Educating and Empowering community members to navigate trauma using yoga-based tools and strategies to ultimately: 

Transform Suffering Through Compassionate Action.