Private Integrative Yoga class description: 
a.    Individualized Integrative pre-assessment, gentle yoga movements, restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, nutritional support, Reiki, and contemplative care techniques with breathe awareness and body scans

b.    Individualized integrative pre-assessment consists of a detailed discussion of what signs of PANICe the client wishes to focus on: Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation or Exhaustion with the purpose of deliberately focusing the mind into the present moment, steadying the breath which unwinds any physical tension by supplying fresh oxygen and by optimizing circulation

c.    Gentle Yoga Movements engage the mind by synchronizing the movements with the breath.

d.    Restorative Yoga poses optimize respiration, circulation and digestion by organizing the architectural shape of the body: in-bed, chair and free-form 

e.    Breath awareness brings us back to the essential rhythm and integration of mind, body and breath

f.    Reiki is ancient Japanese relaxation technique with hands on or off the body to facilitate an optimal environment where healing can take place

g.    Contemplative care are self-care and self-awareness techniques that allow one to hold space for themselves as well as hold space for others navigating trauma


Private Integrative Yoga session pricing
a.    $50 for 30 minutes

b.    $100 for 1 hour

c.    $150 for 1.5 hours

d.    Private session packages: 10% discount

e.    Schedule and pay for more than three sessions at one time and receive 20% discount off of regular pricing


Small Group Integrative sessions
a.    3-7 community members $225 for 2-hour session

Kingsley Association Integrative yoga sessions
a.    10% discount for Kingsley members